“A joy to watch and hear…”

“David Davies is one of the finest performers, accompanists, and musical interpreters of our time. He possesses that rare combination of technical mastery and ubiquitous flexibility; with an almost supernatural ability to breath new life through any instrument in any setting. A joy to watch and hear, he is simply not to be missed!”

It is always a joy to travel to play at different venues to new audiences, and I hope to offer concert programmes that are varied and which contain something for everyone.

β€œTo listen to a reading in the Church’s liturgy and then recreate the reading on the organ is a gift that David Davies has honed from his considerable skill and versatility in improvisation and virtuoso playing. This has been deepened by his intellectual breadth of understanding of music history and art. Here is someone who never allows himself to get in the way of his music making and yet paradoxically, when David plays, excitement and intensity increases. He makes friends through his natural gentleness and unassuming manner. This, for me, brings a deep spirituality, feeding many by his musicianship as an act of service.”

In addition to performing and accompanying, the art of improvisation has always held a fascination. I have been fortunate to have the opportunities to develop this both liturgically and on the concert platform.